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Filter Bags

Types of Dust Collection Filter Bags You Can Use

Learn more about the types of bag filters you can use to collect your dust.

Industries and factories that deal with chemicals and other heavy-duty tasks can release harmful gases and make the air impure. It is essential to maintain the quality of air in the industries and contribute to the health of workers and the quality of the factories. There are many ways in which industries can improve the quality of air and a dust collector is one of the efficient ways to do so. It is one of the productive systems to improve the quality of air released in the industry. Dust collector collects all the dust and impurities from the air or gas present in the industry to make it cleaner.

Dust collectors are meant for heavy-duty and high-volume dust loads that help in facilitating superior dust cleaning. It consists of blowers, dust filters, a dust receptacle and a dust removal system. It is essential to choose the right dust collector that can adhere to your requirements and provide superior air cleaning.

What is The importance of Dust Collector Filter Bags?
When you think about the dust collector, you must choose the right filter bag. Without a quality filter bag, a dust collector can never work properly. The effectiveness and efficiency of the dust collector on the type of machine you are using it on. Hence, it is essential to choose the right filter bag accordingly. You can reach out to credible dust collector bags suppliers who can help you find the best quality filter bags for your needs.

Types of Dust Collector Filter Bags

Cotton Woven
A commonly used filter bag fabric that can operate at a temperature of 82 Celsius. It is generally used in shaker type collectors including atmospheric air cleaning, cement and rock products, and woodworking applications. Though it is quite inferior in chemical resistance and flammability, it can be compensated with the resistance to flex and flat abrasion.

Operating at a temperature of 135 Celsius. This type of filter bag is excellent at resistance to chemicals, dry heat degradation, and abrasion. Polyester filter bag offers superior stability, and it is one of the most commonly used filter bags that is used today.

Another filter bag fabric that can operate temperature of 77 Celsius. It is ideally used for highly abrasive dust collection. Nylon dust filters have good resistance to alkalis as most of the minerals are prone to oxidation.

The Bottom Line
The dust collector is an essential element in the industries that involve impurities in the air and gases. It helps in cleaning the air and creating a cleaner environment in the factories. There are different types of dust collectors that are used for various purposes. Before choosing a dust collector, you need to decide on the filter bag. It is one of the important decisions you need to make while thinking about dust collection.

There are plenty of dust collector filter bags that you can probably choose to fulfil your needs. The above mentioned were some of the common dust collector filter bags that are available in the market.