Pleated Elements Dust Collector Cartridges

Pleated Cartridge Filter – Baghouse Dust Collector Mesh Filter

PURA TEX provides the widest range of dust collector cartridge filter bags for any baghouse dust collector in Australia and New Zealand.


– Premium quality OEM cartridges to suit most makes and models of dust collectors
– Expanded metal mesh core
– Spun bonded Polyester filter media
– Variety of top end cap configurations are available
– Efficiency of 99% against 5-10 micron particle size
– Individually packed, easy to transport to the site
– Select models also available in Oil- & Water-resistant media, Antistatic, Food grade


Pleated Elements – Replacement Dust collector Cartridges


Pleated Elements can also be made to order and to your own specifications. Our vast range of available felts in various weights and with various surface treatments combined with our local state of the art manufacturing facilities allow us to offer you the best solution for your individual applications of dust collection and filtration in Australia and New Zealand.



Pleated Bag Cartridges – PE Media & Oil & Water resistant treatment


Photo Product ID To suit Cell plate Length mm Fibre Type Oil & Water resistant
Pleated Bag Cartridge PBTW13510 135 1000 PE Polyester Yes
 PBTW15505  155 500
PBTW15510  155 1000
PBTW15515 155 1500
PBTW15520 155 2000
PBTW162510 162.5 1000
PBTW162515 162.5 1500

Siloair Style Cartridges – PE Media 260g & Oil & Water resistant treatment


Photo Product ID To suit Cell Plate Length mm Bottom Cap Fibre Type Oil&Water resistant Anti-Static
Siloair Style Cartridge PCW19810 198 1000 Metal PE Polyester
PCW19808M 198 800 Metal Yes
PCA19810M 198 1000 Metal Yes
PCA19810P 198 1000 PU Yes
PCA19808M 198 800 Metal Yes
PCA19808P 198 800 PU Yes
PCWA19810M 198 1000 Metal Yes Yes
PCWA19810P 198 1000 PU Yes Yes
PCWA19808M 198 800 Metal Yes Yes
PCWA19808P 198 800 PU Yes Yes

Torit DCE – PE Media


Photo Product ID OD / ID mm Length mm Type Fibre Type
Torit DCE Style Cartridge PCT3266-OO 323 / 213 660 Open / Open PE Polyester
PCT3266-OC 323 / 213 660 Open / Closed
PCT3566-OO 352 / 241 660 Open / Open
PCT3566-OC 352 / 241 660 Open / Closed

Torit Extended Flat Panel Style Cartridges – PE Media 4.2 m2


Photo Product ID Size Fibre Type
Flat Panel Style Cartridge Torit PC420110 4.2 m2 PE Polyester