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Features of BWF ExCharge® Antistatic Filter Material:

  • Explosion protection through permanent dissipation of the electrostatic charge
  • Permanent electrostatic properties due to high-quality stainless steel fibre being used in the supporting scrim, throughout the entire felt surface

  • ExCharge® is an antistatic needle felt with a resistance value of well below 106Ω, measured as per DIN 54345 (part 1 and part 5).
  • High quality stainless steel fibres in the supporting scrim provide the necessary discharchge.



Excharge Antistatic Filter Material
ExCharge® is certified by DEKRA EXAM Gmbh. In accordance to the guidelines of the (German) employer`s liability insurance association for the prevention of  ignition risks due to electrostatic charge, with Ex-Charge®, ignition risks are not to be expected even in critical areas.Based on national and European regulations, ExCharge® fulfils requirements in respect of electrostatic discharge when earthed. This characteristic can be taken into account when assessing the hazards of machinery which is subject to guideline 94/9/EG (“ATEX-Guideline”) and in which Excharge® is to be installed.

Baghouse explosion



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