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Features of BWF MPS© Filter Media for Ultrafine Dust Particle Separation:

  • Highest separation efficiency by a surface-oriented filtration
  • Lowest emission rates
  • Extended operational life due to reduced cleaning intervals
  • Low operating costs through reduced compressed air consumption and energy

  • For the filtering of especially fine dust and coal dust, which arise, for example, in coal-fired power plants, biomass power stations and in the non-ferrous and metal production, we have developed our MPS® filter media.
  • The microfibres of our MPS® filter media significantly increase the filter surface of the needle felt. As a result, the largest possible fibre surface with the smallest pores is created. This surface is very difficult, even for extremely fine dust like coal dust, to penetrate.



MPS Filter Media for Ultrafine Dust Particles

Fine dust in the air is extremely hazardous to health. Especially in industrial areas, it can cause enormous strain on the environment. needlona® filter media from BWF Envirotec also ensure here that the air is clean.

Within the scope of the MPS®-Programme (Micro-Pore-Size), all standard articles described are also available for ultrafine dust particle separation (< 5μ). The use of very fine fibres makes MPS®- filter media an effective active surface area separator. The microporous character of MPS®-needle felt ensures that even at the surface of the filter media an extensive dust separation occurs.

MPS Needle felt

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