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Sefar Pharma GMP Certified Filter Bag Solutions


• A true FDA compliant filter bag
•Certified to the most stringent standards
•FDA compliant, single bag packaging
•Customised labelling
•Full traceability
•Test report


Pharma GMP Filter Bags – the certified filter bag solution

SEFAR PHARMA GMP Bags is the certified filter bag solution for the pharmaceutical industry. The design has been developed to avoid possible contamination from staple fibres coming from the needle felt.

An ePTFE microporous membrane laminated on the polyester or PTFE needle felt gives it its high filtration efficiency. The high-conductivity stainless steel matrix incorporated in the antistatic version provides excellent protection against explosion. The manufacturing process of the SEFAR PHARMA GMP Bags is compliant with EU 2023/2006 GMP. All the materials used conform to both EU 10/2011 and FDA CFR’s.

This means that the ready-to-use complete SEFAR PHARMA GMP Bags are the only filter bags existing in the market complying with EU 1935/2004.

SEFAR PHARMA GMP Bags are tailor-made, in accordance with the specific dimension and manufacturing detail required by the equipment. Pura Tex also provides cartridge filter bags to your specifications to suit your industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Product FeaturesCertification

EC 1935/2004
EC 10/2011
GMP EC 2023/2006 or cGMP
ISO 9001
ATEX (EC 94/9)
Single packaging Customized labelling

Fabrication Detailsfs-if-life-science-pharma-gmp-bag-03

1 High conductivity stainless steel matrix to provide excellent protection against explosion
2 ePTFE membrane – to avoid contamination and provide high filtration efficiency
3 PET or PTFE scrim – for high mechanical resistance and stability
4 EC compliant polyester or PTFE needle felt
5 High-performance edge design


Product Code Material Felt Weight g PTFE Membrane Antistatic
07-550-50 NFMA PHARMA Polyester 550 Yes Yes
07-550-50 NFM PHARMA Polyester 550 Yes No
24-750-50 NFM PHARMA PTFE 750 Yes No