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Benefits of BWF Needlona® Needlefelt Dust Filter Bag Media:

  • Longer service life
  • Lower emission levels
  • Lower operating costs
  • Fewer bag changes
  • Cost savings


Sefar PuraTex BWF Bags

Sefar PuraTex BWF Bags

Filter Media: Based on the know-how developed over decades, BWF Envirotec develops, produces and sells filter media for industrial flue gas cleaning, separation of solids from liquids and product recovery. Textile filter media have consistently gained importance in the industrial dust collection sector. Reasons are stricter legislation, the demand for lower emission rates, and last but not least, the moral and social obligation to protect the environment.

The product range consists of a wide range of filter materials and ready-to-install filter media made of almost all types of synthetic fibres and scrims currently available on the market. The expertise of the BWF R&D department combined with the experience of the BWF engineering service is the basis for selecting the best possible filter medium.

At BWF Envirotec, the primary objective is to offer solutions from an economical and process engineering point of view.



BWF Needlona Filter Media

Scrims: Textile filter media are made of a fibre layer and a supporting scrim. The supporting scrim provides high mechanical strength to the needle felts and plays an important role in the control of emissions.

Due to the multi-layer fibre construction and the supporting scrim, Needlona® needle felts are extremely compact, stable and mechanically robust.




PM Tec ePTFE membrane

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