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Ceramic Candle Elements

Buy from our range of ceramic candle elements in Australia and New Zealand.

Product Features

• Permanent temperature resistance of up to 850°C
• Peak temperature resistance of up to 1000°C
• Emission values of < mg/Nm3
• Non flammable
• 100% spark resistant
• extremely lightweight
• High air permeability
• Outstanding chemical resistance
• Version with T-shaped or conical collars
• Non-hazardous to health
• Biodegradable
• For new systems or retrofits
• Reduced energy costs, lower delta p-behaviour
• Reduced weight on the filter head plate
• Simple handling, easy installation


Pyrotex® KE candle elements for hot gas filtration

Pyrotex® KE candle elements provide extremely high chemical resistance. Gases containing sulphur or chlorine, such as those present during hot gas filtration, are separated by absorption using an admixture of appropriate additives. Fine dust can be separated using Pyrotex® KE, even at high temperatures and with corrosive gases.


Pyrotex® can be used in the following industries:
• Cement industry
• Glass industry
• Biomass and Waste utilisation plants
• Gasification processes of materials such as wood, or pyrolysis of contaminated soil
• Smelting processes
• Calcium carbide industry
• Chemical industry (precious metals, catalyzers)
• Recycling of radioactive materials

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