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Dust Filtration Bags PuraTex Sefar

Dust Filter Bags & Collector Bags Manufacturer in Australia & New Zealand
Sefar produces PuraTex collector bag and dust filtration bags from high-quality felts in Australia and New Zealand.

Bags are made to order and to your own specifications. Our vast range of available felts in various weights and with various surface treatments combined with our local state of the art manufacturing facilities allow us to offer you the best solution for your individual application.


Local Manufacturing

Our local manufacturing facilities in Australia and New Zealand allow us to adapt existing designs to provide you with a tailor-made solution as well as custom made designs to suit many other applications. To cover the vast majority of applications of dust extractor filters, we locally produce and stock standard type dust filter bags to suit the most common requirements.

• Custom made designs
• Application-specific modifications
• Fast turnaround times
• Consistent quality
• Quality Certification ISO 9001:2015
• Manufacturing facilities in Sydney NSW and Auckland NZ


Our Dust Filter Bags & Collector Bags range includes:

• Dust filter bag open one end and base opposite end – Mikropul type
• DCE Vokes – Dalamatic Type bags
• DCE Vokes – Unimaster Type bags
• Luehr Filter bags dia. 110mm
• HVAC Type dust bags dia. 160mm (base one end and snap cuff to suit cell plate dia. 167 mm
• WINDSOR Engineering Snap Cuff bags dia. 118mm (base one end and snap cuff to suit cell plate dia. 124mm)
• Snap Cuff bags dia. 127mm (base one end and snap cuff to suit cell plate dia. 135mm)
• Snap Cuff bags dia. 152mm (base one end and snap cuff to suit cell plate dia. 162mm)

A full range of ceramic candle elements and high temperature pleated elements is also available at Pura Tex in Australia and New Zealand.



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