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Made in Australia

Authentic – Premium Quality products

Sefar Oceania is pleased to announce that we have accredited to use the iconic AUSTRALIAN MADE logo covering products in our Stream-Tex and Pura-Tex product range. That means your customers can be sure they’re buying authentic, premium-quality products that originate from our clean, green environment and that are made to demand Australian standards. With over 50 years of local manufacturing in our facilities in Australia and New Zealand, we fabricate a multitude of liquid and dust filter bags. Our local manufacturing produces Australian Made Certified solutions including:

Our production team follows rigid procedures to satisfy the strict Australian quality standards and is able to provide the best quality range of liquid- and dust filtration solution products at a competitive price. Thanks to our local manufacturing and an extensive stock of raw materials, we can offer speed to market, remain flexible, and can quickly respond to the needs of different markets and customers. A vast range of products is stocked in our warehouses, ready to be despatched to our customers in Oceania within days. Being an Australian manufacturer, we can also provide tailored filtration solutions to suit the customer’s individual process, offering a high level of customisation without the extra cost. Our local customer support offers assistance to our customers, providing onsite support, repairs or spare parts being just one phone call away.

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